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A preset pack for Ableton Live containing more than 50 presets made with the Drift synth.

These are your bread and butter, super useful synth sounds, from fat and punchy basses to lush pads and brasses, to leads that cut through the mix.

A sample pack containing everything you need to make a beat: melodic loops, drums, synths and basses.

New and improved Ableton Live Effect Rack inspired by classic SP-404 effects

Ableton Live pack with a set of very useable bass, synth, and electric piano sounds for g-funk, soulful and synthy hip-hop beats.

Ableton Live pack, with 11 instrument racks with charmingly unstable vintage lo-fi character + MIDI chord progressions for every instrument.

Sample pack with chill, soulful lo-fi chord progressions and melodics. Contains 55 regular .wav files for every DAW or sampler.

Free or Pay-What-You-Want Packs

Ableton Live pack is inspired by the bright and energetic sounds of the 8-bit arcade games from the 80’s. 

Ableton Live pack, which contains two instrument racks, optimized for really fat basslines (they really sound huge).

Ableton Live Effect Rack recreating some signature effects from the legendary SP-404 sampler

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