Ableton Live Packs

Instrument packs and effects for Ableton Live

This is an Ableton Live pack, which contains 11 instrument racks with charmingly unstable vintage lo-fi character + MIDI chord progressions for every instrument.

The instruments are made with multisamples from a vintage Casio CZ-1 and given a vibe of their own with Ableton’s hip and cool effects. They are mostly best suited for chords, pads and atmospheric sounds but you can also use them for melodies and some have a built-in arpeggiator for added fun. You have plenty of options to modify the sounds through the Macro knobs and make them suit your tracks better. Contents: 10 keyboard presets + 1 bass preset.

This Ableton Live pack is inspired by the bright and energetic sounds of the 8-bit arcade games from the 80’s. With the help of Live’s macro controls and effects you can get a variety of sounds from the five instrument racks it contains:

  • 2 punchy arpeggiated lead sounds
  • 1 bass (with additional fatness from my Micro Bass Synths Pack)
  • 1 broken lo-fi piano sound
  • 1 square wave lo-fi synth, which can be used for chords or lead sounds

This is an Ableton Live pack, which contains two instrument racks, optimized for really fat basslines (they really sound huge).

They both use the waveforms of the Novation Bass Station II analog synth but they work differently and make different sounds.

The first one is great for analog style basses and the second is geared towards more digital sounding basses. You can get a surprisingly good variety of sounds with them.

One of the main reasons the Roland SP-404 sampler is so popular is its effects section which sounds great and is very recognisable. If you’re Ableton Live (10.1 or above) user you don’t need the actual sampler to get the essence of the SP’s effects. Just grab my free (or pay-what-you-want) SP-404 FX Rack, map it to your favourite controller and go crazy!

I’ve used the stock Ableton Live devices to create effects similar to the SP-404’s DJ FX Looper, Vinyl Sim, Lo-Fi, Isolator, Reverb, Filter + Drive, and Tape Delay.


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